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By using the Website you shall be deemed to accept all of the terms of this Agreement. All the contrary terms and conditions are expressly rejected unless upon written agreement by GNG. This website is for convenience and informational purpose only and is not intended to convey advice and recommendation of any products or services. If you disagree with these terms and conditions, please do not use the website.

Use of the Site and Copyright

In terms of using this website, you can browse through the content and make legitimate purchases. You shall not use this website for any other purposes, including but not limited to:

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Third Party Links

The website may contain links to third party websites (*herein known as “Third Party Links”), which are provided as convenience to visitors your convenience only. GNG assumes no responsibility or provides endorsement to the content, information or materials of these Third Party Links. Therefore you must be responsible for your interaction with or use of these Third Party Links.

User's Responsibilities

When you register for an account on this website, you make warranty that you provide us with accurate, current and complete personal information, inluding but not limited to name, address, payment details and other relevant information. You are solely responsible for any and all losses, damage and additional cost that you, GNG or other party may incur due to the false, incorrect or incomplete information you provide us.

You assume full responsbility to maintain the confidentiality of your account, personal information, and all activities in relation to your GNG Account and personal information on this website. You agree to immediately notify us should there be any unauthorised use, breach of security or misuse of your GNG Account or Personal Information. It’s also your responsibility to ensure you completely log off from the website every time after completing your session on the website.

Hereby you consent to the processing of your personal information as mentioned in GNG's Privacy & Policy.


All rights in the graphics, text and other materials on our website, publication, printed collaterals, or service is the copyright of GNG or other third parties. We allow the material on our website, publication, printed collaterals, or service to be downloaded for private and educational purpose. Any other unauthorized use of the materials on our website, publication, printed collaterals, or service (including but not limited to the reproduction, modication, public display, transmission, translation, distribution or republishing for purposes other than the stated purpose) shall be deemed as infringement of GNG’s copyright, proprietary and intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the rights of privacy. GNG reserves the right, without further notice, to pursue to the fullest extent allowed by the law any and all criminal and civil remedies for the violations of its rights.

GNG prohibits any links to the Website without prior permission of GNG. Please make formal request to GNG to request permission to link to the Website. Nevertheless, GNG may revoke or cancel any permission it may give to the link to the website at any time without prior notice.


You are totally responsible for the access to the website. GNG makes no commitment or warranty to the accuracy, reliability, and completeness of the content on the website. Therefore, GNG can't assume any obligation, and is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages resulting from the use or misuse of the content.

Our Rights

We reserve the right to:

  • Change, modify, add to or remove these Terms and Conditions-and the changes, upon updated to the website, will take effect immediately. Therefore, it is your (or users') obligation to check these Terms and Conditions on Website for updates. By using the website continuously after the updates, you agree to abide by these updated Terms and Conditions.
  • Modify or withdraw the whole (or any part of) website, with or without prior notice to you. You agree that we will not be liable to you or any third party for any modification or deletion of the website. This does mean that you cannot hold GNG responsible for any compensation due to the inability to use any part of the website as a result of suspension, failure or withdrawal of the whole (or any part of) website.

Please be informed that GNG doesn't assume responsibility or warrant for the accuracy of the information, opinions, and any content of third-party distributed through or uploaded to the website. You shall be fully responsible for relying on any information, opinions, or any content on the website. In no event shall GNG, its affiliates, employees, agents or representatives be liable for any loss or damage directly, indirectly, incidentally, or as a consequence of the usage of the website


You bear all risks and liabilities arising out of use or resale of the products, including but not limited any risk or liability based on the alleged negligence on the part of GNG. You confirm that you indemnify, defend and hold harmless GNG, its officers, directors, employees, affiliates and representatives from and against any and all liabilities, expense, and costs including but not limited to legal expenses incurred by GNG in connection with claim or demand arising out of the Website and your breach of this Agreement.


Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, GNG may in its discretion change, discontinue, modify, restrict, suspend or terminate the Website or any part of it without notice or liability to you or any other person. GNG may in its discretion and for its convenience at any time immediately terminate, temporarily or permanently, this Agreement or your permission to access and use the Website without any notice to you or any other person.

*All information contained herein is subject to change without prior notice. Please read and understand the above TERMS & CONDITIONS before using the service rendered by this website.