About Us

G&G Group began from G&G Century (M) Sdn . Bhd.  Established in 1980 is one of the pioneer multinational companies engage in the production of Sarawak bird’s nest. G&G Group owned a production factory cover area of 50,000 square feet located at Semenyih, Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia. G&G Group passes through Malaysia Ministry Of health and obtained national approval certificate with GMP standard specifications as production of pharmaceuticals, health supplements and food products. There’s also an Eco Durian Orchard nearby our factory. G&G Group have 130 employees including 20 experts in bird’s nest and health products to research and develop in order to create innovations and improve the product quality to achieve better healthier meets the needs of modern life.

It is worth mentioning that is our famous Top Brand -Liow Phui Yee Skimtan has discover since 1930’s , it has been consistently adopted by thousand of people to heal throat disease. In addition, G&G Group also has diversified products. Health Supplements include all kind of bird’s nest, American Ginseng , Tongkat Ali , all types of Tradisional Chinese Medicated oil, Premium Gift Pack and Hamper.

As for local products ,there are variety choice such like, Musang King Durian Freeze Dried , D24 Durian Freeze Dried, Black Gold Mango Freeze Dried, Jackfruit Freeze dried are our famous local snack food products .Other than that , Bak Kut Teh soup bag ,Special Flavor Cookies, Cooking seasoning, Durian Chocolate , etc.

Our products are sold throughout Southeast Asia. In 2016 also won the Warner Dream Factory. The brand image of Kung fung Panda under Factory (now called Universal Studio) is supported. G&G Group now provided a One-Stop Purchasing

Platform to serve you attentively.